Are smart lenses our future?

A virtual interface that is only visible to you, scrolling music playback or even looking for home commute times. Have you ever wished for it, as Tony Stark does? Umm sorry, did. (He does in the ENDGAME!). Anyway, it is possible in a far better way, directly in your contact lenses which is coming out from a company named Mojo Vision.

The concept of a Smart lens or Tech Embedded Contact lens is not new but never implemented in such way. Talking of Contact lenses we can think of the lenses we see every day people use, but does it have any other ability other than fixing your eyesight? If I tell you that you will become Tony Stark? No, you cannot launch rockets on demand but yes, with your smart lenses or contact lenses you can get data right in front of your vision. How cool is that?

After five years of research Mojo Vision, a California-based company, is finally thinking to commercialize what they have created. To be honest these smart lenses are not going to be sold in the public stores shortly but some demos will be available. At the beginning phase, they have designed the bulky eyepiece and headset that the users had to wear. And seriously if you go out with those, everyone with giving you that alien stare.

Is our Future, Screen Less?

Mojo Vision is a company of “Invisible Computing”. Some of the big tech giants, like Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft ex-employees are counted in its founding members, having a common aim to reduce the costs we spent on the screens. You can simply check your messages or make a quick note by just looking at the corner of your eye clicking a button or something in just a fraction of seconds.

Mike Wiemer, cofounder and chief technology officer at Mojo Vision, said, “We want to create a technology that lets you be you, lets you look like you; doesn’t change your appearance; it doesn’t make you act weird walking down the street,”. “It’s very discreet and frankly, substantially, most of the time it doesn’t show you anything,” he added.

How Hard It Is To Create Smart Lenses?

Creating something incredibly small is a challenge on its own. You need to have the right sensors like eye-tracking, image stabilizer, etc. and processors at the right space and also don’t forget the power source! We also need to have some sort of power supply.

Mojo prototype has incredibly small screens almost like a dot but they don’t yet have the sensors embedded in it. They say it’s the “smallest, densest display ever made”. It is quite similar to Google Glass or Focals. The only difference is it has the screen embedded in the lenses.

How to Power the System?

It is powered by a wearable you would wear on your wrist, which acts as the dedicated computing device of course. But Wiemer said that they might remove the wrist band if they implement smartphone-based solutions.

Applications of Operate These Contact Lenses?

If you wear a smart lens and see straight, you will see it normally. But peeking at the corners in any direction you will be displayed the icons and other pieces of information like calendar, contacts, messages, etc.

The possibilities are endless. You can deliver a speech without looking at you small piece of paper you carry, you can take interviews and get your next questions with just a blink of your eyes. You can walk with the map open all the time! Isn’t it great? Of course, it is.

But the thing is when people will use such things it is very obvious that they have the look at the corner of their screen or they can do it while looking at their wristwatch pretending they just curious what time it is.

The lenses will sit right in the cornea and will feel like any normal lense we use today. But the thing is, safety should be the priority as our eye is concerned.

Has it been already tested?

Frankly speaking, it’s a no. The company is testing the prototypes on humans who have very poor eyesight or whose vision can not be fixed with the use of glasses. But still many things they need to fix.

Such devices might have image sensors or capture device so that it can also serve as a night vision display. It also recognizes the image it is seeing and can instruct the person to act accordingly.

So lastly we can summerise the whole thing as, these smart lenses are pretty expensive undoubtedly, and might not be available for everyone soon. If you have normal and healthy eyesight then just sit back and wait a couple of years. Coming such technology to market will change the world in rational way.

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