Be aware of “coronavirus or COVID-19 Live Map” scams

A Terrible scam provides a bogus plot to users that reveals how coronavirus spreads to hijack their phones. Scientists also discovered a fake software that disguises the propagation of the killer virus. When it’s downloaded, the cyber crooks will monitor and spy on your position and your photographs from your phone.

It is suspected that the Android app, known as “corona live 1.1” is part of a wider smartphone monitoring program by Libya targeted at Libyan residents. The software was addressed on Wednesday by researcher Kristin Del Rosso, from Lookout, which uncovered the fraud. “To keep users up to date, check out safety advice, or watch the spread of coronavirus, cybercrimes and scammers have manipulated them,” Kristin said. Currently, the program is masking corona live as a legal coronavirus map device.

In the genuine edition, John Hopkins University statistics were gathered to demonstrate diagnosis and mortality levels in the various countries with COVID-19, the virus-causing disease. The downloaders of the bogus edition are still in for a horrific shock. “The device notifies consumers of the absence of special rights to access when opened first”, Kristin said. “He then demands access to documents, internet, data, the position of the computer and permission to capture photographs and videos”. Once permissions have been granted hackers will steal confidential information from your computer.

They can also turn the mic and camera on to spy on you remotely. The individual or organization that operates the campaign is likely to be located in Libya located on the IP addresses of the device. It may also be used in a complex urban intelligence operation. This is not the first time that the scammers hit people with a virus epidemic. We announced yesterday that a recent attack known as ‘scareware’ is exploiting the traditional fear of the virus for scamming victims. Malware and malware are expected to rise when people search for COVID-19 online.

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