Cyber-criminals are using COVID-19 codes to spread malwares

While the planet is terrified of the coronavirus pandemic, cybercriminals exploit the situation in full by finding different ways to trick people into malware installs.

Hackers use the “COVID-19” code to market ransomware and use the software on the Dark Web according to the new analysis by Check Point.

The Checkpoint analysis team finds that the amount of domains linked to coronavirus has grown rapidly, of which 6,000 were reported last week. The protection company found out that just 93 (0.8%) domains out of the newly created domain associated with coronavirus were harmful over the last three weeks. Nonetheless, there have been considered questionable more than 2,200 websites (19%).

Check Point Threat Intelligence For Coronavirus Domains
Check Point Threat Intelligence For Coronavirus Domains

In a separate study, Zscalar also found out that scammers are rapidly developing pages with fake home testing kits and software that can defend you against COVID-19.

Cybercriminals often make phishing attempts by using “corona” or “covid” as part of the URL. They ask people to type their email credentials and forward them to a CDC post.

Earlier this month, we wrote about how hackers might steal data or money from you using bogus coronavirus maps and Mobile phones. It is also best to go to reliable data providers or purchase health-related devices. Plus, prevent someone you don’t know from opening attachments.


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