Are hotel bookings safe for couples in India anymore?

Do you need to fear of hotel booking for couples if you are unmarried? Is it safe any longer? Are couples safe in a hotel booked offline or on any online booking site? What are the facts regarding hotel booking? Let’s find out.

According to IPC 294, one can not perform an obscene act in a public place. So, the question is what is the obscene act? Nowhere the word “obscene” is defined. But if we look in the dictionary we will find a definition like this:

If someone or a group of people publically perform sexual activities or anything or sing songs containing wrong/hateful words or any such activity that is against the morality and values according to the Indian culture is said to be an obscene act.

As the meaning is never properly defined, police have taken advantage of it. In past scenarios, police used the drag those couples to the police-station if they find them hugging each other or holding hands or kissing each other. Seeing these wrongful decisions, the supreme court has clarified that kissing or hugging in public is not an obscene act.

Now to be honest if you are in a hotel room is it a public place? No. So, IPC-294 does not applicable here as it is only for public places. And secondly, there is no law out there which says you can not book a hotel for couples if you are not married. So, it is not illegal from any aspect.

But still, couples fear that if they are unmarried and book rooms the police might catch them if polices raid the hotel. First, we need to understand when the police raid? Simple enough when the police have any clue about the hotel like some criminal is hiding there or business of prostitution is going on there or illegal drug deals taking place there, so on and so forth. So you are do not need to worry actually, cause neither you in the business of prostitution nor you involved in any unfair means.

According to Article 21, the Indian Constitution grants the right to life and personal liberty. Cause we can go anywhere if we wish, similarly we can book a hotel if we want. there is no restriction. But if you are booking a hotel for couples then you have to keep some rules in mind:

  • Before booking a hotel, always check if they allow unmarried couples or not. Cause in most of the cases unmarried couples are not allowed in the hotels as they also fear their reputation, it would be a vulnerability to that hotel according to the Indian custom and tradition.
  • Always carry valid ID proof like Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Voter Card, etc. so that it is possible to identify you.
  • Couples should be 18+ in any case. Otherwise, any sexual activity would be considered rape.


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