How Microsoft Azure will play a crucial role in PUBG Mobile India comeback

PUBG Mobile’s expected return to India has caused a lot of chaos in the culture and it does not seem like the buzz is gone fast.

The game has yet to go live in the country and many PUBG Smartphone fans wonder if the Battle Royale will revert to the country after a national ban has been made.

All thanks to Microsoft Azure and the KRAFTON’s brilliance it was able to collaborate and host its multi-platform portfolio.

For those who do not know, KRAFTON is an independent team responsible for the various entertainment properties of PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS and TERA.

They tie the knot to Microsoft Azure, which is the primary reason for PUBG Mobile to be dismissed, ensures that it improves the protection of the server and player info.

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Microsoft Azure will help PUBG Mobile India to get a one-way-ticket back into India

Image via PUBG Mobile

Microsoft Azure is a cloud hosting platform which is known for its incredible security measures. Azure is often:

“The Windows Server 2008 and the  customised version of Hyper-V, known as Microsoft Azure Hypervisor for virtualizing the services, is defined as a cloud layer on a range from Windows Server systems.”

Azure uses a specialized OS, also known as Microsoft Azure which performs the computing and resource management in data centers in Microsoft. This keeps the data secure, including servers and user details. The protection of PUBG Mobile India’s return is fundamental.

The war between India and China along the Himalayan border banned the game on 2 September 2020 and the tension that happened took place between them.

This international event led the IT Ministry of India to reject applications that had big Chinese supporters: PUBG Mobile, TikTok, Survival Laws, nothing was forgiven.

The IT Ministry discusses security issues when it spoke about the reason behind the ban and they claimed that in one of their comments,

“Misuse of some smartphone applications for stealing and sending unexpectedly consumer data to servers outside India, available on Android and IOS platforms.”

“The collection of this data, the mining and detection of it by elements hostile to India’s national security and defence.

It is essentially affects India’s integrity and sovereignty, is a matter of grave and urgent concern and needs emergency measures.”

The key reason behind the PUBG Mobile ban was a security violation of user data. PUBG Mobile India hopefully will be able to return to India with their broken ties with Tencent (for the Indian market only and KRAFTON ties with Microsoft Azure).

PUBG Mobile India is all set for a big comeback in India with no Chinese supporters with a promise to provide a stable and robust hosting server.

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