Linux Public Health Foundation, COVID-19 Combat Initiative

The Linux Foundation starts Linux Public Health Foundation, a COVID-19 Combat Initiative.

To help public health officials around the world fight against COVID-19 and potential diseases, the Foundation has launched a Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH) initiative. Seven of the members are – Cisco,, Geometer, IBM, NearForm, Tencent, and VMware – and two hosting disclosure warning ventures, COVID Sheld and COVID Green, currently deployed in Canada, Ireland, and other countries in the United States are pushing the program.

Public health is not a competition

Linux Public Health Foundation

“The Linux Foundation of Health is developing a global network of leading technology firms and contractors, public health agencies, epidemiologists and other public health professionals, privacy and security experts, as well as individual developers to catalyze this open-source development. We are looking forward to beginning with two very significant open-source initiatives and agree that our co-operation role will have the largest effect on this pandemic.”, said  LFPH general manager, Dan Kohn.

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COVID Shield was created and is currently being deployed in Canada by a volunteer team at Shopify. As part of the Irish government response to COVID-19, COVID Green was created by a team at NearForm.  After being deployed by Ireland’s Health Services Executive, it has gained strong acceptance from over a third of the country’s adults.

Together along with COVID Shield and COVID Gray, the TCN Coalition is integrating with LFPH, an earlier inter-industry cooperation initiative. This is a global technology network that promotes the production of information security software for data safety and cross-compatible disclosure notification during COVID-19.

Host your projects with Linux Public Health Foundation

Free administration accompanies hosting a project with the Linux Foundation, but there is no organization or person in charge of the project. If the project managers plan to host it on the Linux Foundation, they transfer trademark rights to the Linux Founding in particular for their ventures. They may not, though, pass copyright ownership, however, the use of the open-source is already licensed to other consumers.

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Become a PHA member

In a century, public health authorities (PHAs) face their biggest problem. LF Public Health is a non-profit which uses open source tools for combating COVID-19 and potential epidemics in collaboration with PHAs and their preferred IT salespeople.

How Linux Public Health Foundation (LFPH) Supports a PHA

PHA Support Process | Linux Public Health Foundation
PHA Support Support Levels. Source:

The first goal of the LFPH project is to help PHAs launch the Google Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) APIs, exposure notification software. LFPH then extends its spectrum to support the program in all phases of PHA monitoring, tracing, and isolation.

LFPH will play as a collaborative platform among PHAs, established businesses, technology companies, and academics to make sure that best practices like privacy and protection are applied and disseminated. This is done through their Implementer Forum.

Join Linux Public Health Foundation


LFPH is a collaboration of sponsorship from technology and consultancy firms that aim to contribute to open-source development, much like other projects of the Linux Foundation. As a no-fee partner, PHAs may however enter.


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