Most followed Indian PUBG player ‘Mortal’ to take a break from the game

Naman “MortaL” Mathur is taking a break from competitive PUBG Mobile and plays Team Soul from India to concentrate on his streaming career. For Indian players, this is not very wonderful news. Mortal has over 6 million viewers on YouTube, the most viewed PUBG Mobile Player of every time.

‘Mortal’ to take a break from the game

On the stream, Mortal says he wouldn’t return to play competitive PUBG Mobile directly after the game comes back. In a recent stream, the player announces that he will step down as Team SouL’s IGL and stop playing. He also says he decided to become a coach in his team and the team’s “sixth person”. In the player’s opinion, this decision is based on Team SouL and his family’s best interests.

PUBG-Mobile will return to India with its influencers and app makers announcing this for a period of over a quarter of 2020. Once the game comes back, the latest news is that the PUBG-Mobile competitive scene will once again be talked about in the city particularly with many Indian teams considered the crop cream in the Asian region.

Mortal wants to become a tutor. According to him, this decision bears in mind the best interests of the team. SouL is one of India’s most successful mobile e-sports PUBG teams. They have represented India two times in the global PMCO Finals, while PMPL South Asia Scrims 2020 is now being played.

For the same reason, SouL did not express an exact reason. But SouL Viper, one of the team members, said that the team should be reviewing and focusing on some items.

SouL’s results in PMPL South Asia Scrims was not up to the mark. The squad was in 11th place with 28 points on Day 6 of the scrims. This may be attributed to the team’s poor results during the competition. It will be fascinating to see who represents the famous PUBG Mobile organization, with the squad up to three active participants as per Liquipedia, until the players can regain their professional duties in the sports scene.

SouL Mortal should not come off the sporting scene for the very first time. The squad returned very well in the 2019 PMCO edition after their last break. The team will expect stronger returns after their current break in their next tournaments, after fresh tactics and work on other avenues.

PMPL South Asia Scrims will be held during the current lockdown to accommodate the public as a part of COVID 19. PMPL South Asia is actually in its second season, finishing on 17 April. SouL’s latest break announcement means that the team won’t compete in the remainder of the tournament.

PUBG Mobile fans can receive live streaming on the PUBG Mobile Esports official YouTube site. Team supporters will also watch their favorite players playing on their YouTube channels.

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