Snap Inc. (NYSE:SNAP), Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) – Analyst Sees Snap Hitting $200B Valuation By 2025

An analyst said that Snap Inc (NYSE: SNAP) could hit a value of $200 billion in five years.

What Happened?

Market analyst Rob Sanderson from Loop Capitals assumes that if Snap’s monetization is to pursue the same train as Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) early in the public domain, sales would increase to $19 billion by 2027 as opposed to $2.5 billion in 2020, MarketWatch said on Thursday.

Snap could generate $25 billion in advertisement sales by 2027 if it were to increase its North American user base by 107 million from 90 million and double its worldwide user base to 306 million from 159 million.

Sanderson boosted his Snap price target from $27 to $49, MarketWatch noted. The shareholdings of the firm have grown 159% annually.

Why it matters

The analyst said that while Google and Snap, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL), who have a brief gross margin profile, share parallels, Snap is all organic and more Facebook comparable,” which have to bear traffic acquisition costs.

The Snap costs are largely maintenance fees to its suppliers of cloud services, and Sanderson, therefore, believes that they have the ability to expand as they expand.

“This example indicates, with a future 25x [price-to-earnings multiple], that Snap will hit a market cap of +$200 billion in 2026,” Sanderson said.”

The analyst theorizes that Snap would believe in earnings potential scenarios like the above and the company would produce a substantial amount of revenues if it manages to expand monetization and continues to perform on consumers front holders.”

Snap bought Voisey music and songwriting for an unrevealed price on Thursday. According to Pitchbook, Voisey is expected to be $3 million. Voisey looks and sounds identical to TikTok, a video program that is owned by ByteDance.

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