Top 30 Free and Paid Mobile Games for Your Device

Often you just want your smartphone to be able to play a game. Many gamers look at mobile games, but they don’t want to, since smartphones can offer a great gaming experience. Android and Google Play have plenty to love from shooters and RPGs to puzzles and story-based mobile games. We’ve rounded out 30 titles to check out from free to free to microtransactions to titles, you just pay for and just play a little money. This is Android’s best 2020 play!

Best Android Shooters

Perhaps you don’t think smartphone shooters are healthy. It might sound like shooters will be hard and inaccurate without buttons or keys, but that’s not the case! These shooters have been worn or built-in mind with touch controls and end up being really enjoyable, whether playing alone or with friends.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Best Android Games

Fortnite may be the leading royal battle on PCs and consoles but PUBG Mobile is dominant in the royal mobile war! The PUBG Mobile takes the full experience and adapts it to a small screen from the popular PC version. PUBG Mobile provides a system of control over most mobile games, and the booting process is free!

Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Best Android Games

Not a royal fight fan? Call of Duty Mobile was made by PUBG Mobile developers with different first-person shooter experience. You get all of the very same great controls, but you get even classic Call of Duty in Mobile Games has modes like 5v5 and zombies instead of only battling the royal gameplay. The war against the Royal is still there, of course, if you want to spice it up.


Morphite Best Android Games

On Google Play you will even get some fantastic single-player shooters! Morphite is a first-person one-player shooter, which is very inspired by No Man’s Sky. Explore mysterious planets and battle alien creatures to discover your history. Not persuaded? Before you make a purchase, you can free try the first two missions of mobile games.

Best Android RPGs

Roleplay games are another category you might not deem appropriate for mobile devices. In comparison to vintage, turn-based RPGs, JRPGs may feel more suited to large-screen TVs, whereas WRPGs may feel more appropriate for the micro-management on a PC. However, RPGs make big sparks on Android mobile games, and you’re not going to lose them.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Best Android Games

Genshin Impact is a storm-like action RPG with exploratory elements that mimic the Breath of the Wild. This is a title that offers a lot of fun with a variety of content launched at launch and more coming. Although this is a title of a gacha / loot box, you can play the whole content, still get some new characters, without paying a penny, as though you have a dose of money to pay for wraps to get new characters.

Runescape Mobile

Runescape Mobile Best Android Games

MMO? On Android? It might sound like a crazy idea when you know about World Warcraft MMORPGs, but it’s fantastic for Runescape Phones. Early Access is still in the game, but now you can download it for free and start exploring the globe. RuneScape Mobile is also a cross-platform such that when you’re looking for a mobile experience, it’s easy to switch between replay and signing in.

Baldur’s Gate II

Baldur's Gat II Best Android Games

Old RPGs that used to point and click port to smartphones turn out to be very fine. A variety of classic WRPGs have leaped Google Play, so if there’s only one that you’re going to purchase, you’ll want to do it Baldur’s Gate II. Baldur’s Gate II is one of the most famous of the early games in the Bioware industry. You have to pay for the mobile Games, but it is sold daily!

Best Android Puzzle Games

Jigsaw and portability are a match made in the heavens, and this is not just because juggling 3s is a sub-genre! The genre makes it easy to play a game or two online or on a commute, and as a result, a lot of them are on Google Play. These are the three aspects that we consider to be necessary.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is also available at the Google Play Store, a major success on Apple devices when it was originally launched! Monument Valley provides a special interface for players to control and navigate their architecture. The first game in the series is just four dollars and if you want it you can take it for five dollars!


To end the game 3 genre, Threes! Three! It’s a very easy puzzling multiple of three about matching numbers. It’s simple but very difficult to master, like any good puzzle word. The demo version is available to try the game and the complete ad-free is just $1.

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I Love Hue

The puzzle title I love Hue is so soothing. The title of this puzzle tasks you to change colors so that a color spectrum swings. It’s vibrant and enjoyable. Quiet music and the failure to fail to offer an atmosphere of comfort. I Love Hue is free to enjoy, and the advertisements are only limited to more prisms, so you are not required to play and you are distracted.

Best Android Card Games

A round of cards to go? Many of the board games and card trading games of recent years have leaped smartphones. It’s easy and easier to boot for a card game than go to the laptop and install. If you are at home or at the DMV, these card games keep you entertained.


Hearthstone Best Android Games

The collectible card game by Blizzard is possibly the best around so start with Google Play is free! To get to Hearthstone, you needn’t have to know the World of Warcraft or Blizzard lore (trusts me that Hearthstone is the only game on which I have invested a lot of time), and that developers keep the game cool with new packages of cards and delete old cards to avoid power from crackling. Through Solo Experiences you can play against people online or enjoy and learn new techniques.

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Best Android Games

In the year 2020, Yu-Gi-Oh? It might look like a shocking choice, but Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is a good Google Play card game. The show still included the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise as its most noticeable component, but the actual card game remains solid and Duel Ties offers a perfect entry into it. Während the game has premium money for buying booster boxes in new cards, Konami always offers this free cash, and it’s more expansive than other playing card games so that you can create a deck and battle with lots of cards.


Gwent Best Android Games

Anyone who has played The Witcher 3 presumably knows the card game Gwent is concealed in the big RPG. The card game became popular with fans and a standalone smartphone game was finally released. Moreover, it is a friendly card game with a flow distinct from other card games. Gwent is your best alternative if you’re looking for something somewhat new, but still popular enough to play online with others.

Best Android Sims

Sims, simulation games are always enjoyable, soothing, and perfect for smartphones. To take care of your duties for a couple of minutes (or hours), then to go about your day is a nice way to enjoy these next three words. Just lookout for the time—slightly longer than you thought you spend playing them!

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Best Android Games

If you liked the series Harvest Moon and would like something close to your phone to be available? Stardew Valley is the name! This title has both the agricultural and romantic work of the Harvest Moon series, with other mechanics that keep you coming. You can quickly waste a day waiting or idle on your mobile, and then get back in time to your day.

Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator Best Android Games

Cultist Simulator is very distinct and not just the name from that of the average sim title. Cultist Simulator operates with a card-based title and you try to become the cult’s boss. To win, cards and acts need to be played well and there are several ways of doing so. This is the game to try if you want something else in the genre.


Minecraft Best Android Games

Probably, Minecraft is one of the most successful games ever. It’s also famous because it’s a perfect sim sandbox. You can also build and play on Google Play in your dream sandbox, which only costs $6. Minecraft’s smartphone edition can also be online, so you can compete with others on the go!

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Best Android Rhythm Games

A perfect mix is a touch screen for smartphones and rhythm games. You can quickly do the same for a touch screen as you press your finger frequently on the beat. Why buy odd rhythm console guitars with drum sets, when you have an Andriod system that is perfectly capable right here?

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!

Bang Dream Best Android Games

BanG Dream is a super sweet rhythm game with some girls working to be stars. My own go-to Android rhythm title. When you take a rhythm approach to a Guitar Hero game, you’ll tap and keep notes for each idol. Although gacha mechanics can be frustrating at times, without spending money you can get through quickly, and spending online is an eruption.

Beat Hazard 2

Beat Hazard 2 Best Android Games

Would you like to play rhythm games with your own music? Beat Danger 2 transforms the tracks into shooting stages to dodge bullets and kill the bosses. It’s a good idea, and smartphone-shooting is a great blend. Download this and launch the beat shot!

Love Live! School Idol Festival All-Stars

Love Live Best Android Games

Oh, not one but two of Android’s best rhythm games feature adorable girls who sing adorable things. Love Live is part of it! The franchise, to enjoy gaming you don’t have to watch the anime. You will tap into the rhythm and do those acts, including Hatsune Miku’s names, while the idols dance in the background. It’s really fun, but it’s hard if you’re distracted easily.

Best Narrative Android Games

Narrative games and portability undoubtedly go along. Smartphone touch controls can be difficult to modify, but story titles do not need rapid reflection or accurate control. You should only go at your own speed. Three games to try here!


Do you think it takes for you to rule? Reigns is a basic story title where you search a line of kings or queens as you attempt to stick to the code. You must weigh the advantages of four different groups–they are too low or high!) and you are most likely to end up with a spike. The Names of these three Reigns – Princes, Kings, Her Majesty, and Kingdoms – are worth seeking.

80 Days

In 80 Days, you’ve managed to go all around the world in this time frame based on the classic book Around the World. Each playthrough is a separate adventure and various obstacles can prohibit you from traveling all around the globe, albeit as an Oregon Trail (without dysentery) title.

A Normal Lost Phone

A Typical Missing Phone is a game that tells what it’s like pretty much. You can locate a missing phone and find out who the user is so that you can send him back. A Standard Missing Phone has puzzles solved and personal knowledge obtained from a stranger to answer the core mystery. And where are they? Who is Sam?

Best Android Arcade Games

The memory of the arcade on Android is still alive and healthy! These three games help to fulfill the high score requirements.

Canabalt HD

Canabalt HD Best Android Game

Canabalt is a title that helped to get the whole auto-runner genre in motion and you can now get it in Android HD! Cross the cityscape and aim to stop death. The quick controls to the only hop and nothing else make it great for mobile devices, and a lot of fun to play quickly when driving.

Pac-Man 256

One of the oldest famous games around Pac-Man. Pac-Man is the classic formula really interesting. The chomping pellet formula is paired with a scrolling twist and a sticking board must be executed. It’s about having 256 pellets in a row, and their arcade-like gameplay keeps you coming back for more gameplay.

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride Best Android Games

Jetpack Joyride is an auto-runner who is fast and hassle-filled. You must master all the physics of your jetpack so that enemies and obstacles are removed and you get further down the road before you crash. Jetpack Joyride will hold you coming back for some time with the opportunity to get coins to release new updates and looks.

Other Great Android Mobile Games

These are titles that don’t neatly fit into a specific genre but are still more than worthy of your attention. Give them a download!

Among UsAmong Us Best Android Games

Among us are primarily a digital variant of the traitor style of board games, seeing a sudden rise in popularity. You have to look at the spacecraft and complete activities successfully. But the impostor (or impostors!) is alien and they are doing their hardest to keep their crew hidden. Among us, the best in large bands of friends is played and one of the best Android Mobile Games can be downloaded free of charge!

Mini Metro

Mini Metro Best Android Games

Who knew that urban architecture could be so stressful? You are operating on Mini Metro with a small budget to build working metro tracks. Balancing your cash for more trains, stops, and planes. Get a bottleneck too much and you’re going to lose! The simplistic style of art plays well with steadily accelerating gameplay and avoids all too much tension.

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Draw it

Draw it is literally brought to a digital online inference by Pictogram. Skip the words and compete for the high point on the phone! It’s easy, bizarre, and fun, and you don’t have to host a whole party.

Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics Best Android Games

Android has now released the title Autochess which created waves on the PC! Teamfight Tactics depend more on knowing synergies and careful preparation and less on twitch response times. TFT has quickly made the transition to mobile devices and is ideal for Android, without the need for fast responses or too flashing graphics.

Hidden Folks

Hidden folks is an amusing hidden object game in black and white. It really doesn’t have anything else. Find people, creatures, artifacts, and the adorable hints of your eyes! It is just $5, but you’re going to have a lot to keep you occupied.

GRID Autosport

Grid Autosport Best Android Games

Looking for a strong competition game? Only look at GRID Autosport. No more. GRID Autosport does not cut corners, promising lots of cars to drive and track to rise while looking fantastic for boot, as a direct port for the PC and a console title. If the majority of mobile racers fail you, try this one.

What do you do for so many mobile games? So my advice is to start with free titles like a mobile phone call to something quick, Hearthstone to something less rapid-flaming title if you are just beginning to dip your dogs in Android gaming. If you don’t know your phone’s specifications and how you might feel playing mobile games on your phone, you’ll get a sense of it before joining some free-to-start titles.

It depends on the kind of game you want from there and what you expect from your mobile gaming experience! Some mobile games are suitable for short rounds standing in line or for a quick sprint, like Reigns and Pac-Man 256. During interaction and team fighting, they are ideal to play with others quickly even without costly machines or consoles. Finally, mobile games like Genshin Effect and Stardew Valley are complete free-standing games that give those who play on Android mainly a lot of content.

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