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What is buffer overflow or buffer outrun?

What is "Buffer Overflow"? Buffer overflow, or buffer overrun, is a common software coding mistake that an attacker could exploit to gain access to your system. To...


covid-19 and cybercrime

Cyber-criminals are using COVID-19 codes to spread malwares

While the planet is terrified of the coronavirus pandemic, cybercriminals exploit the situation in full by finding different ways to trick people into malware...
Pegasus Attact on WhatsApp

Can you Stop Pegasus attacking you phone?

The NSO Group is an Israeli supplier of spyware that claims to market all the surveillance tools–the best-known being the Pegasus spyware-exclusively to government agencies...

WhatsApp imposes cap on forwarding to counter false news

To counter disinformation, WhatsApp revealed on Tuesday that it had placed a cap on the delivery of messages to the app. For now on,...

Alarming: How Artificial Intelligence in TikTok transforming into an external parasite?

The video-sharing application that allows users to create, share 15-second video sequences on a wide variety of topics, has taken the virtual market by...
Online Fraud Image

Fraudulent transaction without OTP or password?

Even yesterday I knew that my credit or debit card is super safe on the internet. Did you ever think that your card information...
Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH)

Linux Public Health Foundation, COVID-19 Combat Initiative

The Linux Foundation starts Linux Public Health Foundation, a COVID-19 Combat Initiative. To help public health officials around the world fight against COVID-19 and potential...
Better way of calling API with Angular

3 times better way of calling API with Angular

Recently I worked on an Angular project where stuff like calling API with Angular app needs to be done, pretty basic I guess. But...
loon project

Loon’s balloon-powered internet

Alphabet's Loon's balloon-powered internet, A insane concept arose in Google X, in the year 2013, to send balloons into space to link users from blank-spot internet places...

The unusual pandemic activity is confounding AI models

The confusion and vulnerability around the pandemic corona have taken an unlikely victim: the computer learning programs, which are designed to interpret our online...
Blue Laser

Purest Beam of Light

The world's purest beam of light or laser light has been developed by a team of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (...

Old is Gold


Big Data: Let’s break down the concept of big data

In one sentence Big Data is “extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior...
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